Welcome to Hellion's art.com

My name is Gillian Pearce although I do prefer to be called Gill. I tend to lurk around online using the nicknames Hellion or Kharnate. I divide my time between my day job working in a local school and illustrating on a freelance basis. I also help out as art director for Dark Quest Games.
I have been illustrating professionally for approximately 12 years now and I have numerous publishing credits in various fields ranging from book cover and interior illustration, card game artwork, role-playing game illustration and cartography.
My artwork is created using traditional methods and very little in the way of computer enhancement aside from map labels and the like. My colour work is produced using a heady mix of watercolour and acrylic paint with a hint of ink and pencil and my black and white work is primarily achieved using fine-liners, although I do occasionally indulge in black and white pencil work. I like to consider myself versatile when it comes to subject matter and will tackle sci-fi, horror, fantasy scenes, figures, monsters and maps with the same enthusiasm.
On a more personal level, I live in the United Kingdom and I have been happily married to Darren “Wolf” Pearce for 13 years now. Darren is a freelance writer with a number of publishing credits of his own in the role-playing game and computer game industry and it is our intention to team up on more joint projects in the near future.
If you wish to email me with regard artwork commissions please feel free to email me at hellion@hellionsart.com and I will only be too happy to discuss them with you.