Lifespan and Ages

A rough guide to Race Ages and Life Spans on Hestonia:

Humans: Live for about 150 years, slightly longer than normal humans of other worlds, they tend to show their age after 100 and slowly they become more and more decrepit over time.

Hadul: The Hadul of Hestonia enjoy a reasonable life style and a fast one. They age at a slightly faster rate to Humans, their higher metabolic rates means that they do however tend to die at around 120 years old. Hadul show their age at around 70 to 80 years old as time sets in to their features, edging them with decline.

Jakats: These feline jackal hybrids are gifted with around 300 years of life, they mature much slower than Humans and tend to come into their final years for the last 30 years of their life, showing their true age via white tipped fur and whiskers.

Kanku: These diminutive creatures can live up to 50 years and tend to mature at about 10 years old, they have highly increased metabolisms and their bodies show age at around 30, theirs is a bit of a sad lot in life and those that do not die upon a sword, will die in but a single breath to a Jakat.

Kelan: The Kelan of Hestonia used to enjoy a longer lifespan and a much better style of life, now they are forced to be a slave race in the majority. Sadly this has taken its toll on their connection with the world, and they are detached from it, from the nature of it. Their life span is but 100 years as a slave kelan and perhaps 200 if they are free, they mature at about 60 showing age at 150 finally falling into decline at this time, until their death.

Sylthen: This snake-like race has a low metabolic rate and is capable of living for 500 years; they are one of the oldest and most conniving races on the world of Hestonia. The Sylthen age slowly and gracefully, they can be seen in their prime still even when 490 years old, only for the last 5 to 10 years of their life will their scaled skin loose its lustre and their bodies grow weaker and weaker, until they pass into the realm of the Taker.

Half Anything: Very low survival rate.

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