Captain Talon Mane

An enigmatic kelanari male with a chequered past. Captain Talon Mane is one of those individuals that careers from disaster to disaster yet always manages to come out looking better than when he went in. He boasts an impressive array of skills, female conquests and a loyal crew. He is the only windship/skyship captain that comes from the race of kelan, since they are still trying to find their place in the world that once nearly destroyed them.

Captain Talon Mane guards his vessel, the Mist Reaver, carefully and this wondrous Steampunk bird of prey shaped ship is the talk of the skylanes. Whilst Talon himself is often the talk of commoners, nobles and even the Church of Progression. He is a rogue element that the Church can do little about for when they have him in their fingers, the dashing captain always manages to escape.

There will probably be a day when his phenomenal luck runs out, but that hasn’t happened yet.

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