The Arts Arcane

Magic in Hestonia:

Magic is the sole right of the nobles in Wyrden and those who are especially well groomed. It is not as powerful as the old magic that was practised by the true spell casters, the demon worshipping Anshada. Modern magic is an off-shoot of this particular power and has waned thanks in part to the Church of Progression.

Magic is not:

Taught lightly and certainly not shared with grubby peasantry or even heroes, it’s jealously guarded and coveted like the Regent’s overwhelming desire for female ‘kelanari’ that we shall not go into here.

Magic is:

Not bound into spell-books or locked in crystals, it is stored in the very body and released through subtle control of breath. One by combining the breathing techniques with a small implanted device, a shard of attuned and mystically prepared metal – the combination of science and alchemy.

Magic is broken into 3 main types upon Hestonia:

Body: The control of a person’s body or your own, the power to increase muscle mass, strength and even strengthen bone to provide armour against blunt weapon impacts. The body aspect also allows the practitioner finite control over their bloodstream and other body functions. Bones can be lengthened, the eyes made to see in pitch black, the hair can even be formed into a substance as strong as steel – or made to act like a whip.

Mind: With this magic one can force a person to perform acts they normally would not, one can instil a sense of compliance into a person even while you cut their throat. One can also use it to force an image so real into a person’s mind, that they believe it to be real – however should you encounter a master of the Mind arts – you may find that your powers are turned against you.

Spirit: General healing magic comes from this particular aspect of magic, great wounds can be reduced to mist, near death can be averted. But also this magic governs the darker side of Spirit, summoning, binding and controlling the creatures that lurk beyond the physical planes – but you had best be wary, calling forth a Wrath, demon or even a simple undead servitor can have deadly consequences if your will is not strong enough.

Of course there are other magic avenues if one knows where to look, there are those who are born with the gift…from old bloodlines such as the Hestonian and the Anshada…but those are /rare/

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