The City of Wyrden

Situated around a large hill formation Wyrden sits next to a twisting and gaping river, the Sidthe that runs down and through a small gap of mountains to the north east of the city. The main city itself is divided into three separate circles that make up the majority of the population centres and are built on raised platforms, set into the earth of the hill. The architectural look of the city is a mish-mash between Gothic and Germanic with influences from the Baroque period and Victorian. It has tall spired towers that cut into the sky many hundreds of feet into the air, sloped tiled roofs that beg to be used as quick escapes by the darker inhabitants of the city and the lower levels are dingy and slum like.

Dominating the skyline is the Tower Clock; built into the tower of an old Gothic church it is a great landmark that can be heard in all three circles when it chimes. A number of chimneys also poke into Wyrden’s sky gouting out smoke and black dust, the city often suffers from alchemical acidic rain and it is wise to wear acid-proof clothing, available from shops in the middle circle. At night Wyrden also comes alive with a different class of people, and often loud and vibrant street parties take place – unless on the night of a full moon, when packs of terrible creatures crawl out of the Sewers looking for a nice meal.

Finally Wyrden is another port that crouches just before a large and stormy sea, lapping at the edges of the lower circle’s docks with greedy licks of water. The Archaeon Sea is not known for its friendly routes to shipping and many boats that have come to Wyrden have run foul of the jagged reefs and previous wrecks that dot the approach.

Whilst there is a single lighthouse, the spirit that haunts it often douses the light when it’s most needed.

Lower Circle:

At first glance the lower circle of Wyrden is a dark and dingy place even during the day. It sits like a twisted cancer at the bottom of the hill and supports the darkest dealings and most dangerous maze-like streets and alleys. It’s here that all the rough element of the city congregates, causing no end of problems for themselves and the other inhabitants of Wyrden. Mostly the buildings here are low and sloped roof-types with hut-like hovels and homes dotting the bare rock, this is one of the low levels so it does not have a platform. Wooden catwalks rise out of the miasma and are the only way into the higher parts of the city. There is a main thoroughfare that allows safe passage for visitors to the city into the second circle.

Middle Circle:

Populated by adventurers of all sorts this is a location in Wyrden that most people flock to, for it is also the location of the great Tower Clock, one of the largest magical and mechanical clocks in Hestonia. The middle circle is the best place to find what you might be looking for in Wyrden; it is home to many different market stalls and various shops/taverns/inns and places of interest. Many people often call this place the ‘Adventurers’ circle. A diverse number of races congregate here and it is often the location of festivals to the various Seasons and even some Gods. Numerous paths lead up to the higher circle – the home of the nobles, all of these paths and walkways are well maintained and made of metal.

Upper Circle:

It is here that the nobles of Wyrden can look down upon the other two circles and sneer, the streets are paved with gold so to speak and the private carriages of the various Noble Houses, move backwards and forwards supported by retinues of armed guards.

Exclusive shops and stalls are placed for the convenience of the so-called ruling classes, those who are set above the rest of the lower city, those who see themselves above the riff-raff below them. Any who serve the Church of Progression are rooted out by the current ruler of the city, a mysterious figure that most call the: King of Scoundrels. They are either exiled from the city or in some cases they learn the crushing depths of the ocean and it’s treacherous waves firsthand. There are many bones in those docks say the bards.

Everything is gorgeous in the circle and the towers are white marble, gold plated or silver plated, some of the wealthiest people reside here and they have the magical and physical means to protect that wealth from all but the most diligent of rogues. It is also here that the tower of Magistar resides, where the most eligible of nobles learn the power of the Arcane arts. Something that the Church of Progression has been trying to stop for years, but still, Wyrden resists and turns back their attempts. It may soon lead to open war.

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