Demons: Dark are the places between the worlds that the creatures known as demons dwell, twisted are the plains where they make their home. They are second in power to the very Old and New gods themselves, some have said that all the demons are fallen gods. Those who follow such a path guard and gird themselves well against the wrath of even a minor powered demon such as Lady Varsil..and many would be Great Demonologists have had their minds torn asunder by the Demon of the Mirror: Akas – the Bloodless one.

Known Demons of Wyrden are:

The Lady Varsil: A woman who ranks next to Karnate, for lust, but seeks to destroy all men who will not supplicate to her and be used.

The Lord Rhage: He is the demon that is called forth in the heat of battle, the anger of the woman who has been abused or the spirit of the berserker when the dark power takes them. He is often depicted as a grinning Karnate Werewolf as red as rust and as bloody as gore.

Akas the Bloodless One: He is the very dark lord of insanity, depression and the act of suicide. Akas is responsible for more deaths than the Regent could ever dream, for it is indeed his dark skinned hand that pulls the bowstring and fires the arrows that ignite the madness of Amdeus Rogart the III (the former Regent)

There are other minor demons and beings that could be considered half and part, but they are not worthy of mention at this time. One should note that demons of Hestonia are magical creatures and do not breed to create others of their race, they are transformed by acts and events which reshape their lives and bodies.

Note: during the webcomic, the demonkind were driven from the mortal world and it is not known if they were destroyed or simply, banished…

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